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  1. Rules of the Philosophers-Room

    The Forum Philosophy Room is intended for all people who want to exchange ideas with others.
    There are a lot of areas for this.

    Special attention should be paid to the area of ​​"Scientific Philosophy".
    Here one should only engage with appropriate background knowledge and the necessary seriousness. For this area is a special regulations, which can be seen in the area.

    The forum is supervised by a moderation team. The team of the moderators should ensure the smooth forum operation.

    The decisions of the moderation are not for discussion and can not be appealed.

    Despite all efforts, the moderator can not review all contributions at any time, therefore the author of a contribution is basically responsible for the contents and, if necessary, liable.

    With the transmission of content (creation of a contribution, transfer of photos, etc.) you guarantee that you have the right to provide us with this content. At the same time, you transfer us an honorary right to use these contents. This right of use grants you the right to the permanent storage and unrestricted use of the transferred contents, without any claim for a later removal or remuneration to you or to third parties.

    There is no fundamental right to publish contributions or images.
    The operator reserves the right to adjust the rules if necessary, members will be informed.
    1. Netiquette

      Basics of Netiquette:

      Formulation and content should be appropriate to the target audience, thus maintaining a linguistic level as a matter of principle.

      In the text, so-called non-verbal signals are missing, which could relativize an impoliteness, ambiguity or even insult,
      therefore, when writing a contribution, it must be ensured that the communication is not complicated by such utterances.

      This means:

      - We always respect our conversation partners.
      - We refuse insults, abuse, threats, misrepresentations, slander,
      defamation, bad argument, or the like.
      - We do not write hate stories about any fellow human being.
      - Discrimination must in principle be omitted.

      The own opinion is to be marked at any time as this with e.g. "I think", "I mean" or "I believe".

      The public denunciations of other members or moderators of the Philosophie-Raum are undesirable, corresponding contributions will be
      deleted without a comment.
    2. Private messages & chat

      The Philosophy Room is equipped with a comprehensive communication system.

      This includes:
      - the general chat room
      - the private chat system
      - the private messages or conversations

      Unauthorized private messages / conversations or e-mails are prohibited.
      If a member does not wish to communicate in this way, this is to be accepted.

      Private messages or excerpts from them may not be published.

      The misuse of the system will result in the user account being blocked.

      In public chat rooms, the netiquette must also be kept.
    3. Treatment of topics

      As liberal the Philosophers-Room is oriented, history has taught us a lot.

      Any kind of political propaganda as well as racism in any form have no place in this forum!
      Furthermore, links/references to websites/content to the above mentioned topics is not desired.

      This also applies to propaganda / missioning for religious beliefs.

      Published contributions which allow the interpretation to follow the above intentions
      will be deleted without a comment.
    4. Censorship

      The Philosophy Room has the possibility to centrally block individual terms (for example, foul language) in the forum.
      The censorship does not question the meaning of a term, only string strings are tested.

      Please remember that censorship is done by a machine.
      Censored terms or censored character strings occurring in words are replaced by stars (*).
    5. Warnings

      The administration of the Philosophy Room works with a warning system.
      If a topic or contribution is reported and the moderation team justifies the Report, the contribution will be removed
      and a warning is filed in the system against the author.

      The consequences of the warnings:

      - During the first and second warnings, it is the grace period - no consequences.
      - The 3rd warning triggers a user account lockout for one day.
      - The 4th warning triggers a lock for one week.
      - The lock after the 5th warning can only be carried out by the administration,
      after written insurance of the member on improvement, it can be canceled.
  2. Wissenschaftliche Philosophie

    The field of scientific philosophy is intended for study and a professional approach.

    In the other areas of the forum, ideas can be exchanged "loosely", ad hoc contributions are welcome and shape the forum.
    Here, the scientific field differs from the others, contributions have to be prepared before publishing.

    With the start of a thread, the thread-initiator starts a group work, in which he holds the moderation or names a moderator.
    The participants keep a professional collaboration.

    The common knowledge can then be published as a publication in the blog or the lexicon after
    these were edited by the thread-initiator.
    1. Mitgliedschaft

      Die Mitgliedschaft steht jedem Mitglied des Philosophie-Raums offen.
      Sie muss über das Benutzerprofil beantragt werden.

      Die Mitgliedschaft wird wieder entzogen, wenn wiederholt bestätigte Meldungen
      über mangelnde Professionalität die Administration erreichen.
    2. Richtlinie zum Start von Themen

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