The Relationship of Greek (Practical) Philosophy and Dharma-Mindfulness Practice and Their Relevance as Embodied Practice in Modern Times

Fri, Oct 5th 2018 - Tue, Oct 9th 2018

Kritinia box 265, Rhodos - Kamiros Skala 851 08, Griechenland

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  • Retreat: 5 – 9 October 2018, Kritinia, Island of Rhodes, Greece

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    The Retreat: The Relationship of Greek (Practical) Philosophy and Dharma-Mindfulness Practice
    and Their Relevance as Embodied Practice in Modern Times,
    5 – 9 October 2018 at Auberge Kalopetri, Kritinia Village, Rhodes, Greece

    Plunge yourself into Greek practical philosophy, history, culture … and dharma practice of early Buddhism at Auberge Kalopetri, Kritinia, Rhodes, Greece, 5 – 9 October 2018.
    Experience and learn about Practical Greek Philosophy and Early Buddhist dharma practice as a way of life and their outstanding relevance in our modern times.

    How can we conduct our lives in order to live a flourishing and joyful life? How can both Practical Greek Philosophy and Early Buddhist Dharma Practice support and infuse us in daily life? What is their enlivening and inspiring synergy about?

    This 4-days retreat addresses those important questions and dives into the relationship of Greek (Practical) Philosophy and Dharma Mindfulness Practice on a never before taken path. We delve together into the relevant practices and teachings of the great Greek philosophers in particular of those of Skepticism, Epicureanism and Stoicism. In parallel we hear the early teachings and practices of the dharma of Gotama, known as the Buddha. We sit, walk, sense, reflect, dialogue and connect the dots of both and weave them further for fertilizing our lives here and now, setting appropriate conditions for a different future.

    A well hosted retreat and its corresponding process design will be supportive of that you as practitioner can find orientation and practices for a thriving life in a contingent world for a better handling of the experiences at hand.

    This bridging worlds retreat is led by the well known Buddhist teachers and writers Martine and Stephen Batchelor and Maria Bakari and Jürgen Grosse-Puppendahl.

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    Combine this retreat
    with a journey to the light and deep dive into the ancient places, culture, and stunning landscapes on the main land and the many beautiful islands in the Blue of Greece!

    And by the way, we are held and nourished by the soulful Greek hospitality along with an excellent vegetarian Greek cuisine.

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